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Shaiumi the Fox
I practiced drawing something on the computer again. The last picture I painted on the computer is months ago. And jea... xd it's my Fox Shaiumi. 

Uh... Jea.. xD I can't say her History... because, my english is soo bad AKCat-blush (Acchi kocchi)  Sorry! about to cry emote 
Chapter 04: The Murderer on the track

- A few minutes later - 

We returned to the living room, ready to present the evidence we found. 

"We are one step closer to solve this case. The evidence doesn't lie, we know which one of you guys killed her." Tails grinned and the three suspects looked shocked. 

"Is that so?" Maya replied. 

"Indeed, but before we reveal what the evidence indicates, we want to have a talk with the three of you." I said as I grinned triumphantly. 

"We want to ask you one last time. Besides her behavior, did you notice anything else strange?" I continued. 

"Yes. She went with Mike to her bedroom to give him the painting. When she returned to the living room, her left arm was bandaged. I asked her about it but she wouldn't tell me what happened." Maya explained. 

"I noticed the same thing when we played videogames together. I also asked her about it and she said it was nothing to worry about. She had accidentally hurt herself." Cole replied. 

During the statements of both, Maya and Cole, Mike looked quite nervous, but his gaze remained on the nearby window. 

"Mike, you were with her when she got hurt, how about you tell us what happened?" I crossed my arms. 

"I ain't telling you shit." Mike growled. 

"I think it was you whom killed her." I gave Mike a toothy grin. 

"Preposterous!" Mike scoffed. 

"Is it? The evidence doesn't lie. When Cole left Shira's house, you broke in, snuck up to her. On your way towards her you grabbed the trophy off the wardrobe. When she noticed you and tried to run you hit her over the head with the trophy. After she fell to the ground unconscious, you went to the kitchen, grabbed one of the knifes out of the drawers, returned to her and stabbed her ten times in the back. You chucked the knife out of the window and left the bloodied trophy under the television set. Then you rushed home, changing your clothes. Am I right or am I right?" I grinned and Mike gave me a hateful look.

Mike growled. 

"Mike... how could you!?" Maya asked. 

"What has she ever done to you?! She didn't deserve this." Cole asked.

"Yes she did. She had it coming." Mike growled angrily.

"But why?" Maya questioned him. 

"Because she was going to share THOSE pictures of me with everyone on the internet." Mike grunted. 

"What pictures are you talking about?" I asked him. 

"Pictures she secretly took of me when I cross dressed. If those pictures got out I'd be ruined. I had to do something. I confronted her, asked her to delete those pictures, but she wouldn't listen." Mike explained. 

- flashback - 

"Delete those pictures? Why? This is just some lighthearted fun, wouldn't you agree?" Shira laughed. 

"Absolutely not, bitch!" Mike growled, took the pen of Shira's desk and stabbed her arm with full force. 

- End of flashback - 

"You pretty much know what happened next." Mike admitted. 

"You ... YOU KILLED MY SISTER BECAUSE OF SOME... STUPID.. PICTURES?!" Ikuto yelled at him in disbelieve. 

"Calm down Ikuto. He will have to answer for it. There isn't anything you can do right now." I said with a soft voice and placed my hand on Ikuto's shoulder. 

Ikuto nodded, tears running down his cheeks. 

"You have committed the worst of all crimes. You took someone's life and all of this because of some trivial reason." I said to Mike. 

Mike didn't reply but looked down at his feet. Was it regret he felt? It didn't matter. What was done was done. 

"Guys. Cuff him." Tails barked orders at the police officers. 

"Yes sir!" The police officers replied, cuffed Mike and took him to their police car. 

And with that the case was solved. Soon after the police cars left all of us did the same. I couldn't left Ikuto alone. I waned to stay with him and support him though this difficult time. 

Chapter 05: The loving on (Ending Part)

"Sorry, about your sister..." I said to him and gently rubbed his back. 

"Thanks..." He replied quietly with a shaky voice. 

"I'm here for you if you need anything." I said with a soft voice. 

"Would you mind staying at my place tonight? I sure could use some company after all this..." Ikuto asked. 

"Sure." I smiled. 

Together we walked to his house. About 15 minutes later we arrived. 

"Welcome to my home." Ikuto smiled as he opened the door and the two of us entered. 

"Nice home you got." I complimented him. 

"Thanks. Listen, you can have my bed for the night. I'll crash on the couch." Ikuto grinned. 

"Oh. okay." I blushed. 

"I'll show you to my bedroom." Ikuto grabbed my hand and together we climbed the stairs. We ended up in a small hallway. Ikuto opened one of the two doors, revealing the bedroom. 

"Here it is. Make yourself at home. Bathroom is right next to it. Let me know if you need anything. I'll be downstairs." Ikuto said. 

"I will. Thank you." I blushed. 

"Goodnight Stern." He said as approached the stairs. 

"Goodnight Ikuto. Sleep well." I replied as he left. 

I retreated to his bedroom. Kicked off my shoes and laid down on his bed. I closed my eyes and fell asleep. 

- The next morning -

I woke up and got myself ready before I walked downstairs only to find Ikuto sitting in the kitchen waiting for me. 

"Good morning, Stern." He smiled as soon as he spotted me. 

"Morning." I replied as I entered the kitchen. 

"Say, what do you think about going out for breakfast and grabbing some coffee? I promised you some yesterday, but we kind of forgot." Ikuto chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck. 

"Sure. I'd love that." I smiled. 

"Alright. Are you ready to head out?" He asked and I nodded. 

We left Ikuto's house and he lead us to a nice looking Dinner. 

"Ladies first." Ikuto grinned as he held the door of the Dinner open for me. 

"Thank you." I blushed as I stepped through. 

The dinner was bright and colorful. We sat down in one of the dining areas and moment later a waitress approached us, ready to take our order. We ordered breakfast and some coffee, then she left. As we waited Ikuto and I got talking. 

"Hey, I was wondering. Are you spoken for?" He asked bluntly. 

"Spoken for? N-no. I'm not." I blushed at his question. 

"Funny. Neither am I..." Ikuto chuckled. 

The waitress returned moments later with our breakfast and coffee. We thanked her and ate. 

The next few hours, Ikuto and I spent together, were fun. We didn't realize how fast the hours had passed by and now it was already evening. We went for a walk. 

"Look Ikuto. Stars! Aren't they beautiful?" I pointed at the night sky. 

"They do..." He pulled me close. "But not as beautiful as you." He continued.

Our eyes met and I felt how my heart was racing. 

"I love you, Stern." He said, warm smile on his face. 

"I love you too." I replied, placed my hand on his cheek and pulled him close for a kiss. 

Was this really happening? Please don't let this be a dream.
I felt overjoyed. Who would have thought a terrible event could lead to something beautiful as this. 

This was to be the beginning of our long and happy relationship. 

Comic coming soon.

Characters: Detectiv: Stern the Hedgehog
Ikuto: Brother from Shira the Wolf
Shira the Wolf: Sister from Ikuto the Wolf
Sega Character: Miles 'Tails' Prower: Police Inspector
Maya the Bat: 1. Suspect
Mike the Fox: 2. Suspect (Murder)
Cole the Hedgehog: 3. Suspect

Special Thanks to Bluestylz who helped me translate the story in English.

Thank you~ Blue :3 <3


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Hey... Uh.. Call me Stern.. well, i'm very shy but very lovingly, friendly and very very clumsy xD :dummy:

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